November 3, 2013 Lifestyle

It seems crazy to me think about a complete lifestyle overhaul. How exactly does someone change their lifestyle? Little by little? All at once? Moment by moment? The more I ask God for direction in life the more I feel Him pointing me towards lifestyle. As has been an ongoing trend God has inspired me to continue reading Broken Down House by Paul David Tripp and the chapter I continue with fits the last time of prayer I had with Him. ¬†It’s like He actually hears my thoughts and pleas or something.

The ¬†chapter “Reject Passivity” has four points which I think give the direction I have been looking for:

1. “…you cannot think biblically and adopt a passivity lifestyle…”

2. “…God’s agenda is the complete renewal of everything…”

3. “…God is sovereign and has placed you exactly where he intends you to be…”

4. “…you have been lit by God’s grace and called to radiate his character in the darkness that surrounds where he has placed you…”

This time I’m not going to question how I’m to change my lifestyle, I’m just going to start making changes. Stay tuned…

in the meantime, this will help:

“Here again is a call to step out into this darkened world, not succumbing to thoughts of your smallness, or the magnitude of the problem, or the distance it is from your front door. It is a call to remember who you are (someone who has been lit by the transforming grace of God) and who he is (a God of awesome power and grace) and step out to look for opportunities to light what has been dark through actions of love, mercy, justice, reconciliation, peace, and compassion.”